Nokia X2-01: An Affordable QWERTY Phone

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thumb_up Nokia X2-01: An Affordable QWERTY Phone

Post by Admin on Thu Mar 24, 2011 3:28 pm

Nokia has made X2-01, a messaging handset, available in Pakistan. The
Nokia X2-01 is a device for social networking and fast communications.
It comes with a full QWERTY keypad and is aimed at those who can’t
get enough of text messaging and status updates with is bolstered by the
new Communities app which integrates Facebook into the device.
Nokia X2-01: An Affordable QWERTY Phone Nokia_x201_01_thumbNokia X2-01: An Affordable QWERTY Phone Nokia_x201_02_thumbNokia X2-01: An Affordable QWERTY Phone Nokia_x201_03_thumbNokia X2-01: An Affordable QWERTY Phone Nokia_x201_04_thumbYou
can see friends’ updates directly from the homescreen and easily post
your own updates and photos. With one click, you can dive into the
application for a deeper view.
Nokia’s continuous efforts of ‘connecting people in new and better
ways’ are paying off as its strategy to offer something for everyone
from every walk of life can be seen materializing with its promising new
line of devices. X2-01 is the latest addition to this.
As the lifestyle of people changes with time, they are becoming more
demanding not only in terms of their expectation from life but are also
looking for accessories that support such a lifestyle.
Haseeb Ihtisham, Head of Marketing, Nokia Pakistan & Afghanistan said,
Today Nokia is proud to present its X2-01 device in
Pakistan and is a milestone in our commitment to connect the next
billion to the web. We understand that an increasing number of Pakistani
youth loves music and being social, they want to have more variety of
capabilities in their mobile phone that support this need.
Nokia X2-01 is the most affordable QWERTY phone to date which has in
store not just the ultimate messaging experience but also the ease of
staying connected with your social circle.
As befits an X series device, there’s also a healthy emphasis on music. There’s one click access
to music, the media player and FM. There’s also Ovi Store, of course,
for fresh apps. Ovi Life Tools will also be available in some
territories. It comes with a 2.4-inch QVGA screen and a VGA camera on
the back. The Nokia X2-01 measures 119.4 x 59.8 x 14.3mm and weighs
107.5g. It supports memory cards up to 8GB. There’s no WiFi and only
GPRS/EDGE data, but that’s compensated for by the low price.
“Our messaging devices were initially targeted towards business users
but realizing consumer demand we have changed that,” said Imran Khalid
Mehmood, Country General Manager, Nokia Pakistan & Afghanistan.
“People want the best messaging and social networking experiences on an
affordable device. Translating our vision in to actions Nokia is
constantly striving to bring the best for its consumers both in terms of
devices and solutions. The Nokia X2-01 will enhance the youth lifestyle
and let them stay connected all the time with chat, Facebook and IM at
the most affordable price.”
Nokia X2-01 aims to offer maximum functionality for the lowest price
possible, but with a different emphasis to provide a fit for the needs
of as many people as possible.
Nokia X2-01 Price in Pakistan: Rs. 7.700


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